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I feel compelled to post yet again. Because there's more!

I'm starting up a D&D game. The reason I didn't put it up here is that it's my first experiment with a home-brewed campaign setting (I did it myself, bwaha) and it's pretty cheesy fantasy. So I'm getting a small group (3-4 people I've been RPing with since I was 12) as sort of a beta test before I open it up (i.e; get more players, get other people to run said setting, etc.)

Alright, check this out.

I dusted off the Ravenloft campaign I was gonna run for a while until Earthdawn cropped up. I did some re-working with the actual first two adventures, and I completely changed the setting, because I'm against the grain like that. Instead of picking an offical D&D setting, I decided to do one of my own design. I started small, because the campaign's going to be (at least at the beginning) small in scope.

The game takes place in a kingdom named Arcon about the size of Australia. The little mythos I've come up with goes something like this:

In the beginning, there was one god whose name has been lost to history but is now referred to as the Nameless Lord. The Nameless Lord created the world, the sun, the moon, and the stars. He created a land flush with life (kind of a super landmass akin to Pangaea). He created all manner of beasts, both mundane and magical. Then the Nameless Lord created guardians to watch over his world. He created five lesser gods as stewards for the heavens, and then he created humans and demihumans to care for the land. Then the Nameless Lord took off somewhere else, no one knows where. The five gods, whose names I haven't come up with yet because I'm shitty with fantasy names, are lawful good (LG), lawful evil (LE), true neutral (N), neutral good (NG), and chaotic evil (CE). Anyhoo, at first things go well. Everyone's happy, the races discover magic, and a prosperous empire forms (again, name later). However, the gods, who at first abstained from interfering with the mundane world, slowly get interested in the affairs of mortals. The gods take various brides and husbands in different forms and use their progeny of godlings to populate and soon take active part in the empire's political machine. Things go from great to good, and then from good to bad, and then from bad to apocalyptic. The empire divides into several factions after their worst internal struggle (the nature of which has been lost to history), and soon war is declared. The gods immediately participate, fielding their children in support to the forces they favor. The war stays in stalemate for a century or so, with no real ground lost overall. No one knows the exact history of the events, but a final battle was waged in which the LG and LE gods themselves descended and fought on the field. The battle lasted 5 days, and at the end the N god, who had refrained from interfering, appeared with the Nameless Lord in tow, who was PISSED. "Thou hast squandered my gifts, and thou shall sow what thou hast reaped" and what have you. He punishes the gods by banishing/killing the LG and LE ones outright (again, no one knows which) and strips the others of their ability to create. They can grant spells and favors to the faithful, but that's it. The races get it rough too. A blast of cosmic force sunders the battleground and annihilates the entire empire in a day. The Thulls believe that their land is a remnant of a larger mass on which the empire once ruled, and that Arcon is all that remains of the Broken Empire.

That's pretty much what the player characters are gonna have to go by. Some of it might not be true, some of it might not be in the story, but that's what they know. Anyhoo, the Thull Kingdom is divided into a bunch of prinicipalities, duchys, and what have yous. I've got about 12 in mind, maybe a few more. Mostly racial harmony, but a few separatist groups have staked their own claim (the dwarven community of Steelhame and the gnomish community of Xil for examples). It's currently 800 P.E (post-Empire), and the current king (human hereditary monarchy) is a fellow named Oliver. There are two main churches (NG and CE) with a sort of philosopher's guild representing the N god. There's also a highly secretive spellcaster guild known as the Order of the Eye and a thieves' guild named the Daggers. Most of this is unknown to the players at first, because they're from a podunk town in a small duchy.

I'll probably post updates and such here. First game's next Saturday, we'll see what happens.

On another note, it's crazy but I'm meeting more and more freaking Shadowrun players lately. It's bizarre. You gotta understand that I always considered it pretty underground hereabouts. I mean, I've been into Shadowrun for a decade now. I KNOW I've got the largest collection of SR books in the city, owning all sourcebooks except for 4 (and most of the damn novels). But no one plays and it's really a pain to teach people since the system's a little more advanced then what people are used to dealing with. I've ran several times over the years, but I haven't played since my older brother taught me how when the second edition came out.

Lately, though, I've had people over for a shindig or something, and considering the crews I hang with, inevitably gaming comes up and sure enough, people have been like "Shadowrun, yeah, that was an awesome freaking game, I really enjoyed it!" and I get pissy and go "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!"
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