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Star Wars d20 RPG

Okay guys, you've all surely been waiting for it: a tabletop, d20, Star Wars RPG in the city of Montgomery, AL.  We've already got 4 players and I'm your wonderful GM.  We're looking for one or two more people to just round out the group.

If you're interested I can be e-mailed at shaggykid84@yahoo.com or you can head to the website for the group listing at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/StarWars_TPOD/.  We're gonna be playing an open ended campaign with a beginning and an endings but how we get there and where we go in the meantime is up to you.

We're doing our first character creation on the first saturday in August with the first game on the fourth sunday.  If you're interested, e-mail me at the above location for instructions on how to get to the player's meeting or, if you're going to be unable to attend we can meet at another location to do your character setup.

-Chad, Star Wars: The Path of Destiny GM

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