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An essay, or sum'n like that... (X-posted into my LJ)

After a slightly annoying phone conversation...
Due to my occupation, and one of my more prominent hobbies, I've come to know many of the gamers in this city quite well, and I've gotten to a point of drawing a few conclusions.
Yes, I'm a gamer to, I role play, I have a console, I have a mild collection of PC games, I have a few CCGs, but I'm not a 'hardc0r3 g4m3r ch1x0r'. I know when to get a real life. I know that there are other things outside the gaming realm, and as of late, it has become quite apparent that I must be one of about a dozen people who realize this fact.
Gaming is not the most important thing in the world. You all have jobs, families, friends, and responsibilities. Become a more cultured person, and expose yourself to more than comics and RPGs. Grow up, for fucks sake. Yeah, half the gamers in this city are 20+, but only fucking kids play games all the fucking time. Spend time doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING ELSE!!!
Hell, the one individual I'm referring to particularly in this post, even when not LARPing, or playing video games, is reading fantasy novels, or studying for games. Hate to sound like a parent here, but if people would devote that kind of time to work/school, we'd be a much more intelligent nation. It shouldn't take you 29 days of preparation for six hours of game playing. And if you miss a fucking game, so fucking what. Life does go on. Get it out of your head that your character is just as important as your real life persona is.
Secondly, learn about obligations and responsibilities. There are times when you should sacrifice your gaming for a night because of something bigger that has happened. Maybe I'm being self-centered and selfish, but I find it highly innapropriate that some people would rather be at a Vampire LARP than at home, concerned because someone close to them has just had surgery the day before. No, I'm not saying you shouldn't go have fun, but the day after something like that, I, at least, would hope that you could put your fun and games on hold for a day or two, then again, maybe that's just me.
Thirdly, learn to expose yourself to other things, and other people. I have plenty of friends that go 'RPG??? WTF does that stand for?'. Hell, my best friend is a tree-hugging hippy who wouldn't know a d20 book if it slapped her in the face. Go out and expierience something OTHER than a fucking game. Go to a local concert, go to an art museum, go have a goddamned picnic for all I care, but LEAVE THE MET BOOKS AT HOME!!!!!!
I'm just sick and tired of fighting a battle against a gaming system. It seems no one ever has anything better to do than play MtG, VtM, or that blasted new Marvel CCG. *shakes head*
Again, I will reitterate, I've done the gaming thing for a few years, but I DO know when/how to put down my LOTNR and my PS2 controller and go out and live in the real world, care about real people, and expeirience real situations. Not everything is as simple as a static challenge, my friends...
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