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LiveJournal for The Alabama Society of Role-Playing Gamers.

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Monday, October 30th, 2006

Subject:Hey, Slow Community :)
Posted by:dawnlilly.
Time:3:36 pm.
I'm mostly doing the online games, but if you're interested in All Flesh, my husband is looking to DM. We're in the Huntsville area and you occasionly can find my husband at The Deep (stops on his way home from work).
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Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Subject:Hello everyone
Posted by:kekvitirae.
Time:5:00 pm.
First off, my name is Brendan and here's my introduction.

I've been an avid RPGer for a long time, about 12 years now, both computer and PnP. I was co-owner of Wyvern Games in Prattville, however a former employee (an Air Farce Sergeant by the name of Bruce Womack) stole the shop's assets using the business credit card and thus we were unable to keep the store running. My first actual PnP played with a group was around 1999, and it was AD&D 2nd Edition. Since then I have been alternating between AD&D, D&D3, 3.5, Vampire: The Masquerade, Twilight 2000, Star Wars d6, and various other game systems. I would give my left nut for a Twilight 2000 game or an AD&D Planescape or AD&D Spelljammer game. My views on Vampire LARP are simple: just a bunch of vampire-wannabes trying to be what they can never be (give up sex to live forever? no thanks). Recently, I've just been playing 3.5 at a friend's house in Prattville, but the group got too big in size, and most of us were downsized. I'll soon be RPG-deprived for some time as I'll be re-enlisting into the Army. I've recently gotten into a freeform roleplaying campaign with my wife via AIM, but right now, that's about as close as I'm going to get to roleplaying with a human right now.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell ^.^
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Subject:station to station
Posted by:cleverusername2.
Time:2:27 pm.
Mood: curious.
Is anyone out there in the Huntsville area?
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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

Subject:Original Dungeons and Dragons Community
Posted by:zephret.
Time:9:52 am.
Hello everyone, sorry to post this in your community. Feel free to remove it if you like.

Just to let you know, the VERY FIRST EVER Dungeons and Dragons Community based solely apon the Original versions (Rules Cyclopedia, Basic and Expert Boxed Sets, etc) has been created!

if you enjoyed the Original D&D game, come along and join us! We need as many memebers as possible, so please check us out.


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Thursday, November 18th, 2004

Posted by:koadee.
Time:3:31 am.
so ya.. i friggin forgot i had joined this community started by my halfling friend Will over there

but yea

as assumption would have it i am a gamer

Console wise i'm more into the RPG side always love a good fighting game. Larp...i DO NOT DO..sorry just not the acting type i prefer dice to paper rock scissors, cards, and paper slips

System knowledge/exerience:

V:tm 3rd Ed
DarkAges: Vampire
DarkAges: Werewolf
W:tA 3rd Ed.
Feng Shui
Demon Hunter X(Shih, alltime favorite)
Lost Souls(relativly new but easy system to understand)

i have two actual books(purchased) but and over 50 downloaded that i will as some point print out.
i'm used to playing in an online setting or MassOnlineRPG the setting i came from was one that included EVERY WOD supernatural creaure and faction that was created before The End Times (loads of fun, lots to do)

as it goes i'm am also looking to start my own D:tF chronicle give that it is my altime favoright WoD system so if any one is interested give me a heads up its written for MORPG but can be adapted to small groups

this is all later
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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Posted by:peasant_hero.
Time:8:53 am.
I didn't get the chance to post this yesterday because the Internet was slow-ass until the evening, and by the evening I was busy, SO!


October 16th, 2004 commemorates 30 years of Dungeons and Dragons. Wizards of the Coast is playing that up by throwing a worldwide Game Day that particular day, with 2 different adventures (one from Eberron, that new hotness campaign setting that Alex has gotten me interested in, and one introductory).

I've decided to lend my lowly talents to this task, assuming all goes well with my health by that point. And I call upon you, my friends, to come on down and play some D&D. It's cool now. Weezer did a song. You're not gonna get stuffed in a trash can for trying it out. There's going to be an intro adventure for people who've never played/played only once or twice, and then they're going to be more advanced stuff. There'll be PRIZES to give out, as well as commemorative souvenir d20s. I'll personally run a few games, and I'll see if I can't get my like-minded DM friends (Kevin, Alex, Jason, that means you assholes) to lend a hand.

If you don't want to come down, that's cool too.

Cross-Posted to peasant_hero
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Saturday, August 28th, 2004

Posted by:peasant_hero.
Time:8:01 pm.
I feel compelled to post yet again. Because there's more!

I'm starting up a D&D game. The reason I didn't put it up here is that it's my first experiment with a home-brewed campaign setting (I did it myself, bwaha) and it's pretty cheesy fantasy. So I'm getting a small group (3-4 people I've been RPing with since I was 12) as sort of a beta test before I open it up (i.e; get more players, get other people to run said setting, etc.)

Will's Stab at a Campaign SettingCollapse )

I'll probably post updates and such here. First game's next Saturday, we'll see what happens.

On another note, it's crazy but I'm meeting more and more freaking Shadowrun players lately. It's bizarre. You gotta understand that I always considered it pretty underground hereabouts. I mean, I've been into Shadowrun for a decade now. I KNOW I've got the largest collection of SR books in the city, owning all sourcebooks except for 4 (and most of the damn novels). But no one plays and it's really a pain to teach people since the system's a little more advanced then what people are used to dealing with. I've ran several times over the years, but I haven't played since my older brother taught me how when the second edition came out.

Lately, though, I've had people over for a shindig or something, and considering the crews I hang with, inevitably gaming comes up and sure enough, people have been like "Shadowrun, yeah, that was an awesome freaking game, I really enjoyed it!" and I get pissy and go "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!"
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Subject:Funny story.
Posted by:peasant_hero.
Time:7:05 pm.
I'm not sure how many of you guys know about Visions Cards and Games, but I worked there since I was 15 up until April of this year, ending my tenure as assistant manager. But in my time as a sales jockey, I've got some funny stories out of it.

Let's take a trip back in time to the preview of D&D third edition. Wizards of the Coast, in order to build up momentum for the release, had these retailer conventions all across the country. The RPGA were supposed to provide DMs for the introductory module that got people familiar with the rules, and it was supposed to be a happening time. So, we got invited to the one in Atlanta, and all of the active employees at the time (5 of us) took a road trip to check it out.

We get there and it's freaking weird. I swear that all game store manager/owners come off the same assembly line. It was like a bunch of freaking clones. A nice representative from WoTC that we're just going to call "Lieutenant Fruitbooty" gave a big presentation showing off all the art and what have you. Anyways, once it was done everyone was ready to give it a shot. They handed out all these little gift packages with a shirt, dice, the intro module, and a few minis. Problem was, they got stiffed by the RPGA on judges, so it was shorthanded. I volunteer because I'm awesome, and the Lieutenant's like "Well, we'll see you get something out of it." (I got a signed first printing player's handbook by all the developers, a year's subscription to Dragon, and I was made a Level 2 Judge in the RPGA).

After all that nonsense, people pick up and leave. But there's tons of gift packages left, and my boss goes and asks the people if we can have them as promotions for the store, and they say take and be merry. So, everyone with free hands grabs a box of packages. The other retail folks think we're making off with stolen loot, and actually block the WotC people as we hustle out of the convention center, yelling "GO! GO! WE'LL HOLD THEM OFF!"

I've got like 13 of those freaking t-shirts, because I took even MORE when I went to our distributor (Zocchi before they went under) for a private expo for third edition.

*        *        *

OK, that story wasn't too funny. But it was worth telling anyways.

IMPORTANT! Both Vampire: The Requiem and the World of Darkness sourcebooks are out, and I want to know who's read them and what they're about. I'm holding off for my games (Werewolf and Mage), but I want to know changes, story, what have you.
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Friday, August 27th, 2004

Posted by:baranohanayome.
Time:2:48 pm.
Mood: pleased.
While digging through LJ's community lists, looking for fans of fantasy gaming and DragonLance, what should I stumble upon but this little gem?

:tears of joy:

Hello. I'm Rae, a 21-year-old graphic arts student at AUM. It seems that I already know a few of you (Yes, YOU. You know who you are, ChadMelissaRobert!), and I hope to make the acquaintance of the rest of you over time.

The better part of my gaming sub-life has been devoted to console games, with Final Fantasy and other, some decidedly obscure, RPG titles dominating. However, I recently got into the WW LARPs such as Vampire: the Masquerade, and would like to expand to tabletop ventures. I'm quick to learn new gaming systems, and I have some limited knowledge of the D&D and AD&D formats (w007 for my uncle at least letting me read his handbooks when I was but a child!). So, the question is this: should I go ahead and try to dive into the D&D/AD&D scene, or are there other, more forgiving games I should try first?

Aaaaand...I'm rambling now. I'll stop.
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Thursday, August 12th, 2004

Subject:Shadowrun in Baldwin cty?
Posted by:navkat.
Time:2:26 am.
Mood: bored.
Looking for shadowrun players in south alabama.
I haven't played in years but would like to start again.
My house okay for meetings.
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Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Subject:my mom's hot.
Posted by:fuck_war.
Time:6:32 pm.

and so is final fantasy VII
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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Posted by:fuck_war.
Time:11:55 am.
ok, so im thinking about way of the samurai 2. the first one was a pretty good game for a completely unhyped title. i was wondering if any of you cats had played it and/or the first one and could tell me whether its worth dropping $40 on.

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

Posted by:peasant_hero.
Time:10:54 am.
So, got any long-standing campaigns you want to tell stories about? 'Cause I do.

I've been playing in a semi-regular Earthdawn campaign for about 2 years now. Earthdawn, for those of you not familiar with it, is a VERY high-fantasy setting that served as a counterpart to Shadowrun before FASA dissolved and both games were picked up by Living Room Games and WizKids, respectively. You serve as adventurers in a world where almost EVERYTHING is magical in nature, at the cost of little technological advance. Good stuff, and this is coming from a guy who hates high fantasy settings.

We started 2 years ago with 4 people, and over the two years have both gained and lost party members as well as undergo a major group change (in Earthdawn, Names have mystical significance, and therefore it's important to name your adventuring group so you can weave magical Threads to the Name and get mad bonuses off it). It's definitely the hardest game I've ever played in, so we've got a zero-tolerance line when it comes to playing. The rules:

1) Contribute to the overall good of the party. We're not so strict on attendance as long as you make yourself useful while you're there. We do kill party members that break this rule and have done so in the past. (We devised the Load System. By mutual vote, if you screw up hard you get a Load Point. 5 Load Points gets you killed.)
2) We're good guys.. sorta. If you went by D&D alignments we'd probably be chaotic good with exceptions. We're not afraid to bust some skulls, even if they're just being jerks and not really doing anything bad. Don't get me wrong, we've brokered peace agreements between towns and saved entire cities from the clutches of evil demonic entities known as Horrors, but we've also blown up villages that fuck with us. (well, that one time was more of a diversion so we could kill a party member that broke Rule #1)
3) There is no acting like a bitch in our group. We're all heroes. Giving noble speeches and committing selfless acts of bravery is our bread and butter.
4) We... tend to exaggerate what we've done to the populace. You see, Legend Points (ED's equivalent of experience) are not only used to determine Circle (level) and abilities, but are also used to determine Legendary Status. You get 10,000 LPs, you're a Level 1 Legend and people will recognize you in the biggest cities and know that you're important. So we tend to tell grand tales about how we killed 50 dragons that were attacking 50 villages or something.

Might sounds a little harsh, but Scrub, our GM, is harsh and unforgiving. A single dungeon trap can take out an entire freaking party, and the monsters in Earthdawn will eat D&D epic heroes for breakfast. We're Circle 5 right now, probably about level 10-11 in D&D 3E terms, and we get our asses kicked harder than ever.

But we end up doing crazy shit like this to make up for itCollapse )

Yeah, OK, we stole that from Conan the Barbarian, but we went biblical/mythical on those fuckers. It was singularly the best RPG session I was ever in, with that stuff going on and epic speeches being given on top of chairs and what have you. That's one of the cool things about Earthdawn: the magic system is loose enough to pull that kinda stuff off when you've got an Illusionist with you.

It's funny how Wing Attack Plan R came about, really. We were running recon on that slaver camp because we needed a map into this Horror-ridden city that had been in another dimension for the past 800 years, and while our thief was taking care of business, we needed a diversion to get him in and get the map and whatever else he could. So I go out for a smoke and the guys come with me while the thief solos and we run through a couple of plans (the benefit of being in the same group for 2 years is that you come up with advanced team strategies). How to covertly insert him, how to distract the guards quietly, and then inspiration hit me. "Why don't we just kill them all? Free the slaves and then send that fucker straight to Broadway?" We looked at each other, and then quickly sketched out an operation. It started off as a simple sweep-and-clear, but Kevin, playing our Illusionist, started throwing illusions of wyverns and lightning storms left and right, and we decided to turn this into a battle that a god was born on. He started timing the Odin illusions to correspond with our attacks so it looked like he was doing all that stuff.

Our GM does a multiple-page newsletter as a handout to keep the party appraised of happenings in the world as well as notes of our exploits. We'll see what it has to say next session.

The Sons of Odin RULE.
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Subject:Star Wars d20 RPG
Posted by:shaggykid84.
Time:9:11 am.
Mood: happy.

Okay guys, you've all surely been waiting for it: a tabletop, d20, Star Wars RPG in the city of Montgomery, AL.  We've already got 4 players and I'm your wonderful GM.  We're looking for one or two more people to just round out the group.

If you're interested I can be e-mailed at shaggykid84@yahoo.com or you can head to the website for the group listing at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/StarWars_TPOD/.  We're gonna be playing an open ended campaign with a beginning and an endings but how we get there and where we go in the meantime is up to you.

We're doing our first character creation on the first saturday in August with the first game on the fourth sunday.  If you're interested, e-mail me at the above location for instructions on how to get to the player's meeting or, if you're going to be unable to attend we can meet at another location to do your character setup.

-Chad, Star Wars: The Path of Destiny GM

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004

Subject:An essay, or sum'n like that... (X-posted into my LJ)
Posted by:immortal_cyn.
Time:1:40 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
After a slightly annoying phone conversation...Gaming gone too farCollapse )
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Monday, July 12th, 2004

Subject:Need Help
Posted by:morbiddevalois.
Time:4:40 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Ummm, I am currently playing Shinobi on PS2 and I am on the last level (normal mode). I can't seem to get Hiruko to die. I know how to dodge his attacks but I'm having trouble stealth dashing air borne. Any help?

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Subject:Star Wars D20 game
Posted by:shaggykid84.
Time:8:41 am.

Okay, people,

   I know you're out there.  Those of you who like Star Wars and didn't completely abhorr the D20 system when it came out.  For those of you wanting to play a tabletop, D20, Star Wars campaign e-mail me at shaggykid84@gmail.com. Robert, (AKA dreamcatc) has kindly offered us his apartment/tabletop for usage. We will probably play on the 4th (not the last) sunday of every month.

E-mail me asap so I can start getting a campaign together.  I will also need to know if you people want to play in the Old Republic, Rise of the Empire, Rebellion, or New Jedi Order timeframe. (I.E. Before Episode I, During Episodes I-III, during the Original Trilogy, or after Return of the Jedi).



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Saturday, July 10th, 2004

Subject:Pseudointellectual ramblings of a man who uses D&D as a precursor to a writing career.
Posted by:dualangel.
Time:4:34 pm.
Mood: full.
Hello, Bama gamers, one and all. I am quite fond of playing and running D&D, though my games tend to take a darker turn towards a Cthulhu-style in my game. As of right now, I'm running a game where the party's a bunch of orcs (and a baby ogre)...Anyway. That's me in a nutshell

-Dual Angel
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Friday, July 9th, 2004

Posted by:pottymouthmonky.
Time:1:29 pm.
Hi everyone. My name is Kali and I am still kinda new to gaming. I've been playing in two D&D campaigns for about 8 months now. I also like video games and CCGs. Magic is my favorite but I'm still learning how to play. Oh, and if anyone is interested, I can buy Yu-Gi-Oh starter packs for $1 up here in NY, so if you Ebay or anything I'll be willing to hook you up if you send me the cash.

Anyway, right now I am in New York at a theatre program/camp thingy. I'll be back in August. So, if i don't post much it's because I'm participating in this crock of shit. (I'm a little pissed off at the program at the minute. please forgive me)

So yeah. I posted. .:big smile:.
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Posted by:norikazu.
Time:2:28 am.
hey im sal and im a marvel addict
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